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Precise France performs maintenance on your spindles and electrospindles of all brands.
40 years of experience in repairing spindles and electrospindles.

Manufacturer quality review for the represented brands.


  • Manufacturer quality repair

  • Original parts

  • Optimized deadlines

  • Controlled cost

  • High reactivity thanks to a large stock of parts

Precise France - Warranty 1 year
Precise France - Maintenance electrobroche toutes marques
Precise France - Maintenance electrobroche toutes marques

Upon receipt

The spindle is identified and planned in the aim to guarantee its traceability.

After examination

According to the state material, the spindle is partially or totally disassembled, all with the client agreement.

Detailled expertise

Produced and transmitted to the client. All parts of the spindle are thoroughly cleaned and checked. Defective parts will kept for 2 months.

Customer service

Transmits expertise and detailed estimate then stay tuned.

Upon receipt of the order customer

The spindle is reassembled in accordance with the specifications of the constructor. We have a large stock of original parts.

In order to get the most unbalance low possible

Balancing is performed before, during and after mounting.

The spindle is run in

It will be tested for 8 to 12 hours under conditions representative of its use.

The spindle is conditioned

The manufacturer's requirements will be scrupulously observed. It will be shipped accompanied by its inspection report.

Discover in detail our maintenance process

PRECISE France carries out the maintenance of your HSM installations on all types of spindles and electrospindles, all brands combined

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