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The PRECIBOT is a mini machining center with 3 or 5 axes (with additional 2 axis mini tilting tables) of high precision that can be carried by a robot, with a compact design in aluminum and carbon, and low weight for strokes of 120mm.
Its 3 highly dynamic linear axes and the 6 robot axes are controlled by a numerical control. The PRECIBOT is designed to perform precision machining on complex parts with a robot, for a quality equivalent to a more expensive machine tool. It is transportable and there is a version for the repair of large parts, for example an aircraft on the tarmac.

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Green Machining Industrie 4.0 Precision

Reduced environmental impact:
PRECIBOT is a very high precision machining center with very low energy consumption (divided by 10 compared to a standard machining center) and with multiple applications, for example as a small production line. 3-axis desktop factories, enabling production to be carried out close to the point of consumption and even in the heart of cities. A unique approach to the Factory of the Future and in particular to Green Machining.

Unmatched machining precision:
Numerical control SIEMENS | FANUC | HEIDENHAIN - Strokes in mm of 120x120x120 (X,Y,Z) - Possible extension of the Y axis for specific applications - 3 high dynamic linear motors + 3 HEIDENHAIN rules - Simplification by the use of a minimum of mechanical elements - Acceleration 1G - Feeds up to 40 m/min - Accuracy 3µ - Large choice of electrospindles available with rotational speeds up to 80'000 rpm

Possible applications:
Maintenance & machining of new large parts not transportable on a machine tool - Mini machining center for watchmaking and micro-mechanics - 5 axis option with 2 additional torque motors.

Precibot a multi-awarded innovation:

  • SIMODEC 2022 Innovation Award – “Production Machine” Category

  • GLOBAL INDUSTRIE Award 2022 – “Eco-responsibility” Category

  • MICRONORA Microns and Nano d’Or 2022 – Category “Production Machine of Technological Products

PRECISE France manufactures your custom-made electrospindle.

The company carries out all specific studies adapted to your needs and brings you innovative solutions. Un service global de la conception à la réalisation et une qualité maitrisée :

• Reactivity
• Competitiveness
•Quality guaranteed by 40 years of experience
• Guarantee the maximum performance of your tools
• Patent registration



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