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PRECISE FRANCE designs your tailor-made electrospindle and / or High Speed equipment based on your specifications.

PRECISE-LINE offers you highly technical materials fully studied and produced in-house :

  • Orbital drilling heads PKS ORBIBOT, ORBIGEAR, ORBIPRO

  • PRECIDRIL milling head rivet drilling heads

  • PRECISONIC ultrasonic cutting heads

  • Compliant Complector Effector PRECICHAMFER

  • PRECIBOT Portable high precision 3-5 axis effector for robotic applications

  • Specific orbital heads for Airbus

  • Many FUI

  • Orbital UPA

  • EB instrumentation for 4.0

  • Special aggregate for bevel gear

  • Clean Sky H2020 carrier

Modification of standard electrospindles
FISCHER, PRECISE, FORTUNA, SYCOTEC, HSD for specific applications.

Precise France - Innovation PRECISE-LINE

PRECISE France thanks to its product brand PRECISE-LINE files between 3 and 5 patents on average per year, all fully supported at national and European level.

• Orbital drilling heads 2015-2016
• Orbital burnishing cutting tools 2016
• Robotic effectors (finishing) 2016-2017
• PreciDental - Innovative processes for manufacturing dental prostheses 2017
• ...



Complete range

Discover all of the product innovations produced by PRECISE FRANCE

Precise-Line - Innovation PRECISONIC

Below, example of application with the PKS 4036 PRECISE-LINE orbital head


Our service objectives

  • Reactivity
  • Competitiveness
  • Quality guaranteed by 40 years of experience
  • Guarantee the maximum performance of your tools
  • Patent filing

Our test center

  • Test center
  • Control tables
  • Spindle instrumentation (connected equipment 4.0)

Our guarantees

  • Very high precision
  • A specific study adapted to your needs
  • Innovative solutions
  • Controlled quality
  • A global service from design to application
  • An R&D center serving your most specific needs

PRACARTIS Group Research & Developement Department

Attached to the Pracartis Group entity, our fully instrumented test center and open to all our customers, allows us to measure cutting forces, vibrations, surface conditions, in all the most complex machining situations.